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The Free University of Computer Knowledge's Real Professional Certification Service ensures you can be recognized internationally for your true skills with computer technologies.

sample certificate
System Administery ($5,000)
Creating companionship within a community by making it use your servers, then making them fail randomly.
Web Development ($4,999)
Building new websites that can trap customers into buying your unnecessary and overpriced products.
The Enterprise certificate grade also includes Ponzi schemes.
Web Velopment ($100,000)
Demolishing existing websites and helping victims sue companies.
Due to multiple lawsuits from our students, applications are no longer accepted for this certificate until further notice.

certification levels

Each of the certificates that the FUCK provides have three distinction levels. You will need to pass an exam for each of the levels that you want to acquire.

  1. Real Professional Amateur Certificate
  2. Real Professional Professional Certificate (20% additional fees)
  3. Real Professional Enterprise Certificate (100% additional fees)

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