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m455's irc server

m455 runs a small, private irc server using ergo.

server features

the following list describes the features available for this server:

for more more detailed information about the features available, refer to our ergo.chat page.

connecting to the server

after you receive an account and a temporary password, you can connect to my server by configuring your IRC client to use the following settings:

SASL username: <username>
SASL password: <password>
host:          m455.casa
port:          6697
SSL/TLS:       true

if your IRC client doesn't support SASL, then you can use the following settings instead:

username: <username>
password: <username:password>
host:     m455.casa
port:     6697
SSL/TLS   true


if you're still having trouble connecting to my server with your IRC client, then libera.chat's guide to connecting with SASL might help.