Oragono Features

Pre-join History

Pre-join history replay is available on the server but is disabled by default; you have to opt-in by yourself. If you want to get up to 100 lines of chat history replayed to you when you join a channel, so that you can understand the context, tell NickServ about it:


To disable it, set it to 0 (zero). It is recommended to keep it disabled for bots, as they are probably unable to detect history replay and will re-run some commands. Oragono supports the IRCv3 "chathistory" extension, so you could also announce it as a capability and handle it like a boss.

Roleplay Commands

<lucidiot> can you do /mode +E m455 #basement
<lucidiot> it's safe
<elioat> "it's safe"

The E channel and user mode enables 'roleplay mode'. It activates some cool commands in Oragono that let you talk as a narrator or as an NPC.

The E mode needs to be enabled on a channel to send roleplay commands on a channel. The E mode also needs to be enabled on a user for them to receive roleplay messages. IRC clients that do not support this interesting extension might get a "573" error code (ERR_CANNOTSENDRP).

The (raw) commands are the following:

SCENE <target> <text>
Talk like a narrator. It just sends a message as someone named =Scene=.
AMBIANCE <target> <text>
Alias for SCENE.
NPC <target> <name> <text>
Talk as someone else. For example, NPC #basement cat meow! results in <*cat*> meow! (yourname)
NPCA <target> <name> <text>
Do a CTCP ACTION (a /me) as someone else. For example, NPCA #basement cat meows results in * *cat* meows (yourname)

Note that all messages end with your real name, so that you cannot just send things anonymously.

To use those raw commands in WeeChat, use the /quote command:

/quote npc #basement GordonRamsay THIS IS FUCKING RAW!

If you're feeling lazy, make an alias:

/alias add npc /quote npc $channel $*
/npc GordonRamsay THIS IS FUCKING RAW!

The +E mode is now enabled by default on the server.