The Library

The #library is a cozy place filled with books. This is not one of those strict places; talking, sleeping, eating or drinking is allowed here. Conversations about books you want to read or share, or about the practice of writing, are encouraged. Audiobooks are perfectly acceptable too!

The practice of "you wouldn'ting", be it over a temporarily published calibre library, a random scary-looking URL or just DCC, is strongly encouraged. Books are knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power lets us create Booknados to destroy DRMs.

The Dog

There is no library cat, because that's too mainstream. Instead, we have a library dog, and they happily keep a list of lists of books of various basement dwellers. You can give it the following orders:

List the lists of books, with a number and a URL for each.
!add <url>
Add a new item.
!rm <number>
Remove an existing item.
!update <number> <url>
Update an existing item.

If the doggo starts acting up, consult with ~m455.

The Dozens Digital Library of Abundance

Our Minister of Culture ~dozens has an extensive digital library and gladly offers to share it. As of writing, it holds over a hundred dozens of books. To access it, first browse the catalog and make your pick.

When you have picked at least a dozen books, you can kindly ask our Minister of Culture to open the library. They will pull on a particular glowing book on a shelf of the #library, causing the bookshelf to open and reveal the Dozens Digital Library (DDL). You will then be granted an URL.

When grabbing books from the shelves inside the DDL, you might notice that the books do not disappear from the shelves, as if grabbing the book created an instant clone of the book. This is known as the DDLDDL, the Dozens Digital Library Direct DownLoad.

At the demand of the Minister of Syndication, an RSS 2.0 feed is available to stay up-to-date on the new arrivals in the library.